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This storyline involves Opbot DV8 and Ken Massoqui.


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First elevator ride with all participating heroes[]

  • Ken: Ops! Dude! I didn't see you in the medical bay!
  • Opbot: I, uh, was not, uh...
  • Ken: Wait. You were a prisoner?
  • Opbot: There... was this incident...

Opbot bio

  • Opbot is involved in the story Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Interrogative with Ken.

Ken bio

  • Ken is involved in the story Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Interrogative with Opbot.

Second elevator ride[]

  • Ken: You know, Cap'n Miles was on the ship.
  • Opbot: Our crazed- er, energetic leader?
  • Ken: Yeah. He sees you were a convict, he'll think it was you who did it on Regulus 4.
  • Opbot: Me? Me who did what?

Opbot bio

  • Opbot was part of an elite commando team, acting as the medical officer and resident tech droid. Apparently, something went wrong during an operation, and Opbot may bear some of the blame.

Third elevator ride[]

  • Opbot: That night on Regulus 4? I was in the med hut. Uh, studying... specimens...
  • Ken: The Groits stormed the camp. Guard was down. Cap'n Miles got a dishonorable discharge.
  • Opbot: Ah, I didn't hear anything over the noise of my... studying. Wait, you were on guard!
  • Ken: Yeah, there was a thing, uh I was, uh, tied up, er, indisposed...

Fourth elevator ride[]

  • Opbot: So you weren't just "tied up", you had ropes on. Studying nodeology.
  • Ken: Yeah, I mean, I was practicing some new knots... but hey, you were killing people!
  • Opbot: The Groits got to my programming! Not my fault. But if Cap'n Miles finds out...
  • Ken: Ohh yeah. We're both history. Let's hope he stays lost with the ship.

Opbot bio

  • Opbot and Ken were both, perhaps, to blame for the failed operation. But what exactly was Opbot doing during his overenthusiastic research? And where is Captain Miles ?

Ken bio

  • The world might be happier if Ken's secrets stay inside him. The more one discovers, the more one thinks that he might better be left alone; preferably with a sharp object.

Opbot & Ken will both get the passive skill: Stimulated

  • Committed to Getting the Heck Out by the outcome of their story, the hero focuses on the job at hand.
  • Speed +5%, defense +8%


  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot uses the NATO phonetic alphabet to spell "WTF". Interrogative means it is a question. Thus, the name of this storyline is "WTF?"