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Sound technician and audio engineer, Wes felt obliged to leave civilian life and join the military when his favorite band broke up. With an excellent knack for communications technology he was promoted into the STEAL teams ("Special TEchnologies And Logistics"), and volunteered to join the Success rescue mission in order to track down a slippery old friend who had left to colonize Auriga with Wes's original copy of the classic "Dust My Room" vinyl by the Trolling Stones.


Wes Davoun is a dedicated operator, and the only hero to have Operate at level 1. He has a number of special abilities that let him buff his allies globally while operating, gaining different bonuses depending on which module he's operating.


Level Hit Points Defense Speed DPS Attack Power Attack Cooldown Range Wit Skills Cost to Recruit / Level
1 480 13 32 25 38 1.5 Long 8
Got Your Back

Got Your Back



2 524 15 32 26 39 1.5 Long 8
Good Morning Auriga

Good Morning Auriga

3 570 18 32 27 41 1.5 Long 8 36
4 618 20 32 29 43 1.5 Long 10
Special Transmission

Special Transmission

5 668 23 32 30 45 1.5 Long 10


6 720 25 32 31 47 1.5 Long 10
Urgent Call

Urgent Call

7 774 28 32 33 50 1.5 Long 11 88
8 830 30 33 35 52 1.5 Long 11
Good Morning Auriga LVL 2

Good Morning Auriga LVL 2

9 888 33 33 36 54 1.5 Long 11
Special Transmission LVL 2

Special Transmission LVL 2

10 948 34 33 38 57 1.5 Long 12
Knowledge Is Good

Knowledge Is Good

11 1010 34 33 40 60 1.5 Long 12 156
12 1074 34 33 41 62 1.5 Long 12
Good Morning Auriga LVL 3

Good Morning Auriga LVL 3

13 1140 34 35 43 65 1.5 Long 13 196
14 1208 34 35 45 68 1.5 Long 13 217
15 1278 34 35 47 71 1.5 Long 13
Special Transmission LVL 3

Special Transmission LVL 3


The above table is accurate, as of update [1.1.0]

Weapon: Pistol



Hero ID: H0025


Getting more resources earlier is the main way to make the game easier, and Wes makes this trivial by being the only hero to have Operate at level 1. Basically this means an entire extra floor of almost double one resource which can easily snowball into an advantageous position. If that wasn't enough, Wes also has access to many unique or rare abilities that are equally powerful - and all are floor-wide! Special Transmission most notably allows him to provide useful (and powerful) passive effects to all teammates even when he is in far away rooms. Knowledge Is Good helps other operators. Good Morning Auriga enables teammates to quickly reinforce vulnerable rooms, and is one of the best actives during the crystal run alongside Winter Just Came. But perhaps his most powerful ability is Urgent Call, which forces the next room to spawn a positive event with a hero being the most likely outcome! This is huge - having almost guaranteed heroes every floor to recruit or just guard their room goes helps a ton and should not be underestimated. It is quite possible to get Wes to level 6 for Urgent Call before the 4th party member is even recruited, saving valuable time. It is easily one of the most powerful abilities in the game. Just be aware that unlike finding a hero naturally, enemy waves are still able to spawn during Urgent Call. Don't get taken by surprise.

Wes suffers from the weaknesses of many operators - he is fragile and a very poor combatant. Since nearly all of his abilities are floor-wide this isn't always a problem, but it sure bites when Wes is forced to defend by himself. And while he gets Operate very early, his wit is outclassed by many others even with Knowledge is Good. That said, it is often better to have resources early than more resources later.

Story Events[]

Wes is involved in the following events:

  • N/A


When found in a dungeon:

  • “This place drives me crazy. Even the scary shrieks and groans are out of tune."
  • "Radios? Telephones? If it goes "beep" or "boop", I can make it do be-bop."
  • "Any Trolling Stones fans here? I was their sound guy until they went disco..."

When opening a door:

  • "The signals I'm picking up don't qualify as music. they're not even 'noise'."

When repairing a module:

  • “It’s not so bad. I’ve seen boy bands do worse to nice hotels."
  • “I can’t believe how you people treat your equipment."
  • “Of course I can fix it. And of course you'll trash it again."

When low health:

  • "Don't pick on me. I'm just tech support!"
  • "If I'm going to die, can I at least get a decent soundtrack for it?"

When carrying the crystal:

  • “It’s… it’s singing to me… And it’s off key.”
  • “I should have left it. It’s the only thing down there that works."


Wes Davoun was added (alongside Zugma Walker and Sasha Chokyo) in the Rescue Team paid update on Nov 24, 2015.