Weapons are equipped in the left slot of the character screen. There are four different types of weapons: Pistols, SMGs, Spears, and Swords - which are applied as an upgrade to the hero's default weapon. Weapons are always the leftmost equipment slot, unless the specific hero is unable to equip a weapon. These typically will effect the stats associated to the offensive capabilities of the hero (Attack Power, Attack Cooldown, Attack Range) but may also effect the hero's Speed, Max HP, HP Regen, and Defense depending on the type of weapon.

Every hero, with the exception of Golgy Phurtiver, Ayairi WhairyddMizi KurtizPat Bates, and Zugma Walker can equip a specific type of weapon.


Heroes: Max O'Kane, Josh 'NtelloNurse Deena RatchetWarden Mormish, Sasha Chokyo, and Wes Davoun


Heroes: Gork "Butcher" Koroser, Ken Massoqui, Elise "Boom-Boom" NessRakya Pulmoni, and Misha Cherny


Heroes: Opbot DV8, Skroig, Lady Joleri TulakKreyang, and Dell Bradford


Heroes: Hikensha, Chef NanorSara NumasTroe Pekenyo, Esseb TaroshKaspar Herab, and Rosetta Q

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