Viral Injector
Production price 9 Industry
Level Cooldown Poison Duration Damage Over Time Analyze Cost
1 3 sec 8 sec 22 HP/sec 29
2 2,5 sec 9 sec 30 HP/sec 29
3 2 sec 10 sec 38 HP/sec 38
4 1,5 sec 11 sec 46 HP/sec 60

Flavour TextEdit

"Spreads disease, not social media alerts. Damage over time.

(Priority target: Special Monsters)"

Strategy Edit

Good for weakening fast enemies. Put them before the Crystal room or a room with a Hero and the Bio-Organic Transference minor module.

Watch the monsters drop right before they reach the Crystal, or rack up healing, as the BOT module is based on kills, not damage.

As the damage on these are affected by tear gas modules, try stacking 2 or 3 them of them in front of a room with a tear gas or two and a neurostun module. Watch the positioning of the viral injectors, as they will always target the closest unpoisoned enemy, and multiple modules may hit the same target if you build them too close together. The damage is done by a DoT effect, so it will not stack from multiple hits, though it likely refreshes the poison duration.

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