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Viral Injector

Spreads disease, not social media alerts. Damage over time.

(Priority target: Special Monsters)

Viral Injectors are potentially useful modules that are unfortunately very difficult to use effectively due to how they are coded. They apply a damage-over-time effect, making them handy for wearing down tough opponents when placing them far away from the main defenses. However, an Injector will repeatedly target the same enemy until it leaves the room, and multiple Injectors in the same room will target the same enemy (none of these effects stack). These factors unfortunately make the Viral Injector much weaker than it could be. As a result, it is one of the few minor modules that is best placed in a small room far away from the main lines as this allows it to target new enemies quicker. It is not recommended to place more than one Injector per room due to the previously stated issues.

It is also available to build in the Armory Pod as a damage-dealing alternative to offensive modules, along with Tear Gas.


Production price 9 Industry

Level Cooldown Poison Duration Damage Over Time Analyze Cost
1 3 sec 8 sec 22 HP/sec 29
2 2,5 sec 9 sec 30 HP/sec 29
3 2 sec 10 sec 38 HP/sec 38
4 1,5 sec 11 sec 46 HP/sec 60