Dungeon of the Endless Wiki
Urgent Call

When you want anything but trouble behind the next door.

  • Forces a random positive event (mostly heroes) to happen in the next room opened.
    • Duration: one turn
    • Cooldown: 7

Heroes with this skill: Wes Davoun (lvl 6)

Extremely useful, especially if one gets it on the early floors. Causes the next room opened to spawn a positive event (almost always a hero, though occasionally an Artifact or room of Dust). The ability to choose where a hero spawns can greatly aid in defense if they are positioned near the team. Also incredibly useful if the player wants to hire a hero, whether on the early floors, if the player lost a hero in combat, or simply to browse alternatives for an unwanted character. Note that unlike finding a hero naturally, enemy waves can spawn when using Urgent Call, so don't be taken by surprise.

Note that this skill can be used in Armory and Refreezerator Pods but any hero spawned is non-recruitable. This can still be helpful in the Armory pod since they act as an extremely powerful turret, especially considering the absence of offensive minor modules on that mode. It can still be useful on the Refreezerator Pod, though Wes is hardly an ideal candidate for a run on that mode.

Also, please be sure to not spam this ability too much as each hero can only spawn once from the existing pool (based on available starter selection), eventually leading to rooms with no hero spawns whether the ability is later activated or not.

Bugs: Currently, in PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions, spawns hero but doesn't allow recruitment