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Item d tools belt green

Useful for odd jobs in odd places.

Improves: Wit

Penalty: ---

Unlocks Skill: Repair

A legitimately useful item for operators, giving a large boost to wit along with the vital repair skill. A surprising amount of operators do not have repair naturally (Deena, Elise, Josh, Kreyang), so the Tools Belt aids their modules' longevity greatly. Elise in particular benefits from repair due to her Shrapnellizer ability harming modules, and her extra device slot allows her to equip complimentary items like the Grim Fairy Tales. But even if a hero in question naturally has repair, the wit boost given by the Tools Belt is always welcome and helpful.

Players starting a run on the Library Pod will receive one Tools Belt (along with a Scope) at the start. This is very helpful if one gets a hero without the Repair skill, especially vital on the module-centric Library Pod.


Rarity HP Max HP Regen Defense Speed Attack Power Attack Cooldown Attack Range Wit Version
Grey --- --- --- --- --- --- --- +3 1.1.0
Green --- --- --- --- --- --- --- +4 1.1.0
Blue --- --- --- --- --- --- --- +5 1.1.0
Purple --- --- --- --- --- --- --- +6 1.1.0

Merchant Prices[]

Rarity FIS Cost Dust Cost Version
Grey 60 20 1.1.0
Green 81 27 1.1.0
Blue 102 34 1.1.0
Purple 120 40 1.1.5

Modding properties[]

Item ID: Device001

Localization strings:

  • %Item_Device001 (Item name)
  • %Item_Device001_Description (Item flavour text)