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This storyline involves Max O'Kane, Hikensha and Kreyang.


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First elevator ride with all involved parties[]

  • Max: Dude, I have got to get me some of those cool statues.
  • Kreyang: Those "cool statues" are the memories of my people!
  • Max: That's okay. We can do a cash deal and I'll give you a cut of the profits.
  • Kreyang: . . .

Max bio

  • Max is involved in the story Thief and Guardian with Hikensha and Kreyang.

Hikensha bio

  • Hikensha is involved in the story Thief and Guardian with Max and Kreyang.

Kreyang bio

  • Kreyang is involved in the story Thief and Guardian with Max and Hikensha.

Second elevator ride[]

  • Max: Hey! You guys going to sell me some statues?
  • Hikensha: I WILL KILL YOU FOR-
  • Kreyang: Zo! Calm down Hikensha. We will not sell the statues.
  • Max: Come on, guys, we're all friends, just talking business. No edged weapons needed...

Third elevator ride[]

  • Hikensha: If I hear the word "statue", you die.
  • Max: Uhhhhh...
  • Kreyang: (Psst! Hikenchan - your backscratcher. We can sell it.)
  • Hikensha: (But it's worth nothing! It- ... ahhh...)

Fourth elevator ride[]

  • Kreyang: Max O'Kane. We can sell you this ancient tribal symbol for 8 billion quatloos.
  • Max: Hmmm... Well it's weird, and smells bad. Might be authentic...
  • Hikensha: No! Don't! It is ancient, and, uh, was worn by, I mean, crafted by, uh, our first chieftain!
  • Max: Oooohhh. Shiny!

Max bio

  • Max is perhaps not as good as he thought at detecting fakes...

Hikensha bio

  • It cost him a backscratcher, but at least she won't have to kill an ally.

Kreyang bio

  • Kreyang has one and only one goal: To preserve that which has been left behind by those who harbored - and perhaps created - its race. While it is difficult to pursue this quest with the larcenous criminals from the Success, Kreyang does not bend, and will not capitulate.

Max passive skill: Stimulated

  • Committed to Getting the Heck Out by the outcome of their story, the hero focuses on the job at hand.
  • Speed +5%, defense +8%

Hikensha & Kreyang passive skill: Amused

  • Pleased with both their actions and the outcome of their story, the hero stops to chuckle a bit too often.
  • Speed -5%, Health Regen +7 in powered rooms