Dungeon of the Endless Wiki

The Crystal in the initial spaceship

"The Crystal provides energy to the rooms and power to the modules" -Mysterarts

The Crystal is the only "module" the player starts with, and must be protected in order to win the game. As mentioned, it uses the player's dust to power the dungeon, effectively serving as the players only means of output and light. It also provides the player with the base increase of Industry (+3) and Food (+3).

Protecting the crystal is key to winning the game - if the crystal is damaged you will lose power to use modules and light rooms. If the crystal is destroyed it's game over.

Uptake and HP[]

The Uptake is defined as the amount of dust the player is using to power rooms. The game requires the player to uptake ten dust per room. Any dust that is not being used in Uptake is automatically used by the Crystal to shield itself. Thus, the more surplus dust you have, the more resistant it will be to damage. If the Crystal does take damage, the crystal will lose dust. If enough dust is lost, a random room will un-power. If the game cannot find any rooms to un-power, the game is over.