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Tactical Enhanced Serious LacerAtor

Priority Target: Anti-module monsters

Teslas are designed to counter anti-module monsters such as Silic Zoners and kamikazes though their effectiveness is debatable. Zoners in particular will out-damage Teslas even supported by LAN Modules unless many Teslas are in a room, making Prisoner Prods often more cost-effective for this purpose. That said, Teslas are decent general turrets that do average damage, though eventually replacing them with higher-power alternatives such as KIP Cannons is generally a good idea by later floors.

Players start the game with this module unlocked on the Library Pod.


Production price 7 Industry

Level Power Cooldown Analyze Cost DPS
1 35 1.0 23 35
2 41 1.0 23 41
3 48 1.0 29 48
4 56 1.0 37 56