Dungeon of the Endless Wiki
Tear Gas

A minor module that synergizes well with itself, dealing minor but constant damage to all monsters in the room along with decreasing their defense. The defense reduction effect stacks with every Tear Gas in a room multiplicatively. Building a Tear Gas in a room where there is a lot of combat will make such engagements noticeably easier. Tear Gas is particularly effective against swarms of Trash due to their low HP and inability to disable this specific module's damage effect.

Tear Gas does not count as an offensive module and as such is still able to be built to great effect on the Armory Pod.


Production price 7 Industry

Level DPS Mob Defense Analyze Cost
1 4 1/2 20
2 5 1/2.4 20
3 6 1/2.88 26
4 8 1/3.456 35