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Team Spirit! LVL2

A nice way to say "scared to be alone".

  • (Self) Attack power +15 / 20 if not alone in room
  • (Self) Defense +15 / 25 if not alone in room

Heroes with this skill:

Items with this skill:

The attack and defense boost provided by Team Spirit! is decent enough, but unfortunately is only naturally used on heroes who do best away from teammates, making this a bit of a contradictory skill. For Josh and Mormish, it serves mainly to boost their combat prowess from atrocious to below average. Rosetta on the other hand also gains Danger Junkie, so she will have some sort of attack boost whether she is alone or with the team. Combined with her heavy attack/defense stat boost based playstyle from Enlightenator, Team Spirit!'s use tends to be more intuitive for her.