Dungeon of the Endless Wiki
Surgical Striker LVL2

Never start a knife fight with a surgeon.

  • (Self): Attack Power +10 / 20
  • (Self) Attack Cooldown -0.3
    • Duration: 6
    • Cooldown: 3

Heroes with skill: Opbot DV8 (lvl 2/10)

A powerful combat skill that can significantly boost Opbot's DPS when the going gets tough. The significant reduction in attack cooldown is a huge deal as cooldown lowering items and skills are few and far between. With proper gear (Bandleader's Baton and A... thing/Antigrav Trinket) and this skill active, Opbot can have the absolute fastest attack rate in the game at a stunning 0.3 seconds per attack. This makes him capable of some really incredible DPS for very short bursts. Unfortunately, his frailty and the fairly long recharge of Surgical Striker keep him from being a consistent hard-hitter.