Dungeon of the Endless Wiki

Stele are large dark crystal objects located inside newly discovered rooms. They are located on a major module slot of the room, and cannot be razed. All stele have a number above them that ticks down by one each time a door is opened. Once the number reaches zero, the stele will disappear, ending its effects and freeing the major slot. Stele can be clicked on to reveal information about how long they will last and what effects they cause. The colored mist around the Stele is a visual indicator of the type of effect: green for beneficial, yellow for mixed, red for negative. It is possible for multiple steles with the same effect to appear, and they will stack.

Known Effects:

Name Effect(s) Turns
Abundance (Floor) Industry +50% per turn

(Floor) Food +50% per turn

(Floor) Science +50% per turn

All operators (Heroes in floor) Wit +4

(Heroes in floor) Can operate major modules. The hero needs to stay at least one turn in the room to improve the module’s effect.

Note: due to an inconvenient bug, the hero must re-operate in order to acquire the wit boost. One does not have to leave the room, it is possible to click on a nearby room and quickly click on the current room again.

Auto-repair (Minor Modules in floor) Health Regen +20

(Minor Modules in floor) Defense 0

Butchery (Heroes in floor) Food +0.5 per killed monsters

(Floor) Food x0 per door

Expensive heal (Heroes in floor) Heal cost: x2 food

Friendly fire (Heroes in floor) Zone Damage on heroes in room: +15

(Heroes in floor) Zone Damage on NPC in room: +7

(Heroes in floor) Zone Damage radius: +100

(Monsters in floor) Attack Power -25%

(Monsters in floor) Defense -50%

Health regen (Heroes in floor) Health Regen +20 in room without monsters

(Heroes in floor) Defense 0

Note: due to a bug, does not actually reduce the defense of heroes, making this a purely positive effect.

Ignored (Heroes in floor) Not noticed by monsters (except with a Crystal) 2
Keep your distance (Heroes in floor) Defense x0

(Heroes in floor) Speed +30%

(Heroes in floor) Heroes in room without monsters give an Attack Power bonus to offensive modules (based on Wit)


speed bonus

(Heroes in floor) Speed +100% 8
No operator (Heroes in floor) Can not operate 3
Pro-modules (Minor modules in floor) Attack Power x1.8

(Heroes in floor) Attack Power x0.5

Slow but powerful (Heroes in floor) Attack Power +80%

(Heroes in floor) Speed -30%

Weak Crystal (Heroes in floor) Defense +100

(Floor) Defense of the Crystal x0.6


The above table is accurate, as of update [1.1.0]