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Smoking Gun

Target priority: special monsters

The Smoking Gun will begin to overheat as it is firing and cool down whenever it is not. Assuming constant firing it will fire for a number of seconds equal to its Heat Cooling value. This value increases as it levels up allowing it to fire for longer before needing to cool down. It takes 6 seconds (the Overheat Duration) to cool down if it ever fully overheats.

The main competitor to the KIP Cannon, Smoking Guns bolster comparable DPS but does not have the downside of needing large stockpiles of science, instead needing to cool down after prolonged firing. They also deal sustained damage instead of infrequent heavy bursts, enabling them to rapidly switch targets with no time lost. They are one of the best single-target and general purpose turrets.


Production price 8 Industry

Level Power Cooldown Heat Cooling Overheat Duration Analyze Cost
1 5 0.1 6.5 6 29
2 6 0.1 6.9 6 29
3 8 0.1 7.3 6 38
4 10 0.1 7.7 5 60

The above stats convert into the DPS stats in the next table, where DPS is the damage per second when firing, Firing Frac is the fraction of time spent firing, and Worst Case DPS is the damage per second including overheated time. Values for Level 2 and up are rounded (and accurate to ±0.1); the exact formulas are:

Firing Frac = Heat Cooling / (Heat Cooling + Overheat Duration)

Worst Case DPS = DPS * Firing Frac

Level DPS Firing Frac Worst Case DPS
1 50 52.0% 26
2 60 53.5% 32
3 80 54.9% 44
4 100 60.6% 60.6

The Firing Frac and Worst Case DPS values assume the room constantly has monsters in it, so assume that number in front-line defenses, or when paired with a Neurostun.

Updated as of 1.0.25