A powerful minor module that is less effective the more mobs there are at once, due to its ability to overheat and require a lengthy cooling time.

Smoking Gun

Target priority: special monsters

The main competitor to the KIP Cannon, Smoking Guns bolster comparable DPS but don't have the downside of needing large stockpiles of science, instead needing to cool down after prolonged firing. They also deal sustained damage instead of infrequent heavy bursts, enabling them to rapidly switch targets with no time lost. They are one of the best single-target and general purpose turrets.


Production price 8 Industry

Level Power Cooldown Heat Cooling Overheat Duration Analyze Cost
1 5 0.1 6.5 6 29
2 6 0.1 6.9 6 29
3 8 0.1 7.3 6 38
4 10 0.1 7.7 5 60
Updated as of 1.0.25
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