Dungeon of the Endless Wiki

Makes you appear insignificant, uninteresting, and not particularly tasty

  • (Self): Not aggro by mobs

Hero with skill: ---

Items with skill:

The Aftershave is one of the most useful and potentially powerful items in the game, depending on circumstances. It basically acts as Crawler on steroids - allowing a single hero to ignore being targeted for as long as the item is equipped. While they can still be damaged from AoE attacks targeted at other heroes, being alone in a room completely removes this small risk. As such it is especially useful for door openers, allowing the hero to move around in complete safety and pick off enemies safely before they reach teammates. This single item will effectively nullify the threat of Chimera Keepers, allowing you to assassinate them at your leisure without them being able to fight back.

While any non-operator can potentially benefit from Aftershave, special mention goes to Pat. The Pyro's large DoT attack which damages many enemies at once makes the Aftershave the perfect item for Pat to annihilate massive waves of enemies before they can deal any damage. Pats extra device slot helps considerably as well to either counter the penalties of Aftershave or provide a utility/speed boost.

The Zone Device also pairs particularly well with this item.