Dungeon of the Endless Wiki
Shrapnellizer LVL3

Turns things into smaller pieces of things.

  • (Monsters in room) Damage of 180 / 280 / 360 HP
  • (Heroes in room) Damage of 80 / 100 / 120 HP
  • (Major Modules in room) Damage of 40 / 50 / 55 HP
  • (Minor Modules in room) Damage of 30 / 40 / 45 HP
    • Duration: 1
    • Cooldown: 3

Heroes with this skill: Elise Ness (level 6/10/15)

Deals an instant blast of immense damage to all entities in the room. Extremely devastating, and has the potential to deal the highest damage per second of any attack in the game if the ability is repeatedly activated and then recharged using science. Just be aware that this will also deal heavy damage to modules and friendly heroes, in addition to requiring a high income of science to even be viable. However, if properly compensated for, theoretically no wave will ever be able to break through the room.