The Seblaster damages everyone in its radius (heroes and monsters), so it is best used at defensive chokepoints that your heroes don't use. Fortunately, it doesn't damage modules in its blast radius.

Target priority: hits everyone

Seblasters are fantastic modules to stick in a large "kill room" with Neurostuns and Tear Gas. They do their damage immediately and over a massive area, making it a very appealing module to use for this purpose. Just be aware that they do hurt your heroes too, so building them next to your Operator is a bad idea.

Stats Edit

Production price 11 Industry


Attack Power

Zone Damage Power on heroes / NPC

Attack Cooldown

Zone Damage Radius

Zone Damage Power

Analyze Cost

1 5 20 4 100 24 35
2 5 24 4 100 28 35
3 5 28 4 100 32 46
4 5 34 4 100 38 70

Flavour TextEdit

"Due to poorly optimized code, this module's grenades damage everyone."

(Priority target: hits everyone)

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