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Item d scope grey

One of three great artifacts of the Endless scientist known as The Monk, it can only be controlled at the same time as *one* of its two brethren: Budget and Quality.

Improves: Wit

Penalty: ---

Unlocks Skill: Operate

Often the best of the three devices that provide the Operate skill (the other two being the Training Manual and the Energy Bar) due to the fact that it gives a sizeable wit boost. Some heroes such as Sasha, Joleri, or Esseb have good wit values despite not having operate, pay attention to your heroes and situation to receive maximum benefit from this item.

Players starting a run on the Library Pod will receive one Scope (along with a Tools Belt) at the start. This is very useful if one has a hero without the operate skill, especially vital on the Library Pod.


Rarity HP Max HP Regen Defense Speed Attack Power Attack Cooldown Attack Range Wit
Grey --- --- --- --- --- -- --- +3
Green --- --- --- --- --- -- --- +3
Blue --- --- --- --- --- -- --- +4
Purple --- --- --- --- --- -- --- +5

Merchant Prices[]

Rarity FIS Cost Dust Cost Version
Grey 60 20 1.1.0
Green ? ? 1.1.0
Blue ? 31 1.1.0
Purple 108 36 1.1.0

Modding properties[]

Item ID: Device010

Localization strings:

  • %Item_Device010 (Item name)
  • %Item_Device010_Description (Item flavour text)