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A grease monkey, even when there's no grease. Or bananas.

  • (Self) Can operate major modules.

The hero needs to stay at least one turn in the room to improve the module's effect.

Heroes with this skill:

Devices with this skill:

Heroes with this invaluable passive skill will walk up to Major Modules in the room they are in and increase the bonuses provided depending on the type of Module they operate. The bonus is greater the higher a hero's wit statistic. The bonus comes into effect only after the hero stays for a whole turn with the Major Module, represented by the gear above their head turning from grey to green. If there are two or more heroes with this skill present in the same room, the one with the highest wit stat will be prioritized for operating the module. A major module can have a maximum of one operator at a time.

If the hero leaves the room, they once more will have to wait a turn before the bonus is added. The hero can perform tasks such as fighting monsters or repairing modules without interrupting their operation, as long as they stay in the same room.

Mechanical Pals can also operate and add wit to a major module in the same room. If both an operating hero and Mechanical Pals are present, the bonus provided depends on the sum of the hero's wit and the wit provided from the pals.

Effects on major modules[]

Science Creator, Industry Generator, and Food Replicator: Half of total wit rounded up is added to the Science, Industry or Food generation every turn.

Shop (with Merchant): One tenth of total wit rounded up is added to the Dust generation every turn (1-10 wit gives +1 Dust, 11-20 wit gives +2 Dust, etc.). Operating a Shop without a Merchant gives no benefit.

Emergency Generator: Each point of wit adds +0.5% chance to find Dust loot on the level.

LAN Module: Each point of wit adds +1.2% defense to all modules on the floor for LAN Modules I-III, 1.7% for LAN module IV. (Note: minor modules all have 15 defense, major modules have between 15-33. Defense basically improves HP by the defensive value, 1 defense ~ +1% HP)

Tactical HUD: Each point of wit adds +1.2% attack power to heroes on the floor for Tactical HUDs I-III, 1.8% for Tactical HUD IV.

Field Medic: Each point of wit adds +1.2% defense to all heroes on the floor for Field Medics I-III, +2.4% for Field Medic IV.