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Yum! Heroes!

Monsters ("mobs") serve as the main enemy in the game. They only appear after a door is opened: either by spawning in a newly-opened room or in existing unpowered rooms. An important exception to the latter is they will never spawn in a room occupied by a player's hero - in effect, heroes 'power' the room they are in for the purposes of mob spawning. Typically several rooms will spawn monsters at once, which will then attempt to close in on the crystal via the shortest possible route. They will be automatically attacked by heroes and minor modules once they enter the same room and may in turn attack their own targets. Upon death, mobs have a chance of leaving behind dust that may be utilized by the player.

All mobs have targeting priorities, with most having a list of multiple acceptable targets (e.g. Heroes > Minor Modules > Crystal). Note that nearly all monsters will attack the crystal (draining large amounts of Dust from you in the process) if given the chance, it must be defended at all costs!

Wave behavior and strategy[]

The difficulty and chance of a wave or group of waves can be influenced by the following:

  • The floor of the Dungeon
  • The number of rooms the player has explored
  • The number of waves that have occurred
  • If the exit has been found or not
  • The chosen spaceship

Typically around 3-7 different mob types will spawn on a given floor. This can include regular and elite versions of the same monster. Mob types are floor-dependent, elites are incapable of appearing before floors 5-6, and regular mobs are almost never seen on higher floors. Most mob types appearing on the floor can typically be seen within the first few waves but this is not necessarily true - it can be very easy to get blindsided by a surprise Hurna Rider or Silic Bulldozer who shows up at door 15... an unfortunately common occurrence. Dungeon of the Endless operates heavily on RNG - though factors can be influenced by the player, the nature of the game one must always be on guard for surprises. This is important, because the form of one's defense should be a reaction to the types of mobs encountered on the floor - modules and heroes that are effective against one type of mob may be weak against another.

The number of rooms spawning monsters (waves) will be told to the player on the bottom-right of the HUD (e.g. "3 wave(s) incoming"). It typically takes a few seconds for all the waves to spawn, once the message appears on the HUD no new waves will spawn. Knowing this is a useful trick because it allows for the common technique of moving the exploring hero back to a dark room to block spawns without leaving said room before the waves finish appearing.

IMPORTANT: waves become considerably more difficult once the exit has been found, increasing in both frequency and volume of enemies (especially on the Sanitary Pod). They also seem to increase the likelihood of new mob types spawning. Attempting to find the exit early to escape or stalling to find it later and therefore gain more resources are both common goals of experienced players as a result, of course depending on the situation.

Monster Index[]

Name Image Type Attack Type Notes
Chimera Hydra Mob chimera hydra01 Anti-hero Ranged Attacks at range and reduces the speed of heroes in the same room. Elites can target Merchants and non-recruited heroes.
Chimera Kamikaze NecroKRun Special Kamikaze AoE Targets the most populated room (within a certain range) and slowly detonates, damaging everything in the room and killing itself in the process. Deals extremely high damage to heroes and can destroy most minor modules in two hits.
Chimera Keeper KeeperMetamorph Anti-hero AoE Immobile; deals splash damage to everything in its room. Increases the Defense and Health Regen of other monsters in the dungeon and decreases the probability to loot Dust from monsters. Gains more power the longer it stays alive. The player is notified when one spawns via the HUD.
Chimera Zombie Mob chimera zombie01 Basic Melee Targets heroes.
Hurna Assassin Special Ranged Attempts to attack your most fragile hero. It will ignore everything else, running past other heroes and room defenses. Once it finds your weakest character, it will quickly fire high damage ranged attacks attempting to assassinate them.
Hurna Warden Anti-hero Melee, AoE Targets heroes. Attacks with a close range AoE that can damage multiple heroes at once.
Hurna Hunter Mob hurna hunter01 Anti-hero Melee Targets heroes. Elites can target Merchants and non-recruited heroes.
Hurna Rider Mob h rider Special Melee Spawns alone, and targets a random unopened door to attack (this can be the room they spawn in!). They will ignore anything in their path and will attack only the door they target. Doors they destroy count as if a hero opened them, so not only are resources gathered, but new waves of monsters can spawn (including more riders). They will immediately target another random door and head to attack it.

Note: They will only try to atack the side of the door that is closest to the crystal (if your dungeon is 0 shaped with 2 doors lets say and you only oppen it like a U they won't atack the door thats nest to the crystal from outside the crystal room)

Hurna Shaman Mob hurna debuffer01 Special AoE Severely reduces the attack power of heroes in the room.
Necrophage Crystophile Mob necrophage crystophile01 Special Melee Only targets the crystal. Speed not reduced by heroes present in the same room.
Necrophage Hunter Mob necrophage hunter01 Anti-hero Melee Extremely fast compared to other monsters. Attacks heroes. Elites can target Merchants and non-recruited heroes.
Necrophage Kamikaze Mob necrophage kamikaze01 Special AoE Targets the most populated room (within a certain range) and quickly explodes, damaging everything in the room and killing itself in the process. Deals high damage to heroes and can destroy minor modules in 3-4 hits.
Necrophage Larva Mob necrophage necrodrone01 Basic Melee Attacks heroes with large numbers.
Necrophage Necrodrone Mob necrophage flying02 Anti-module Ranged, AoE Speed not affected by heroes present in same room. Can target major modules and non-recruited heroes. Elites can target active artifacts and deal splash damage.
Silic Bulldozer Mob silics bulldozer01 Anti-module Melee, AoE Only targets major modules, active artifacts, or the crystal. Deals splash damage in melee range.
Silic Crystal Mob silics golem01 Basic Melee Only targets the crystal. Moves slower than other mobs. Spawns in large groups.
Silic Supporter GolemwalkElite Special AoE Adds defense and attack power to monsters in the room. Targets heroes and deals splash damage.
Silic Zoner Mob silic zoner01 Anti-module Ranged, AoE Attacks heroes and minor modules. Deals splash damage to objects near its target.
Vultu Looter Vultu Special N/A Does not move or attack anything, and despawns after several seconds. If killed before it despawns, will guaranteed drop 3-4 Dust. The player is notified on the HUD when one spawns.
Vultu Debuffer Debuffer Anti-hero Melee Severely reduces the movement speed and increases the attack cooldown of the hero it attacks.
Vultu Trash Trash Anti-module Melee (minor modules) Ignores heroes (even with aggro items or skills) and attempts to attach itself to a nearby minor module. Once attached, deals minor damage to the module and severely slows the attack rate. They are unable to affect the Neurostun or Tear Gas modules. Can also attack the crystal.

Example of Hurna Rider behaviour:[]

In this image the door next to the crystal is being atacked by a Hurna Rider but since the other side is connected ( U/0 shaped) the Hurna Rider will only atack from the side closest to the crystal

In this image the door next to the crystal room is being atacked by a Hurna Rider but since the other side is connected ( U/0 shaped) the Hurna Rider will only atack from the side closest to the crystal.This can be used as a way to lure all of them to one choke point where they can be killed easier.

List of mob statistics[]

This information is the base stats of the monsters. Values will be modified based on what level of the dungeon you are on, what ship type and what difficulty setting you use.

Name Dust loot probability Max Health Defense Speed Attack Power Attack Range Attack Cooldown
Chimera Hydra 50% reg, 80% elite 270, 380 15, 24 17, 18 44, 80 6 1.1
Chimera Kamikaze 80% reg, 100% elite 350, 470 20, 27 13, 15 up to 280,

up to 350

140 99
Chimera Keeper 100% for both 450 to 1600 20/25 + 5 per 16s 0 65/85 + 20/25 per 140 1
Chimera Zombie 20% reg, 40% elite 110, 220 5, 12 15, 17 25, 45 1.5 1.3, 1.2
Hurna Assassin [Archer] 80% reg, 100% elite 250, 350 10, 15 24 110, 185 15 3
Hurna Hunter [Axe & Shield] 80% reg, 100% elite 340, 500 20, 25 17 80, 115 2 1.4
Hurna Rider 100% for both 400, 600 26, 30 14, 16 80, 120

(20 to self)

1.5 2.3
Hurna Shaman 60% reg, 80% elite 250, 350 10, 15 16 4 4 3
Hurna Warden [Spiked Club] 40% reg, 50% elite 340, 500 20, 25 17, 18 7+10, 10+14 2 + 70 splash 1.4
Necrophage Crystophile 60% reg, 80% elite 330, 440 16, 22 13, 14 58, 83 1 1.4, 1.2
Necrophage Hunter 70% reg, 100% elite 310, 410 13, 20 35, 40 60, 90 1 1.1
Necrophage Kamikaze 40% reg, 70% elite 250, 340 10, 13 21, 23 up to 140,

up to 210

120 99
Necrophage Larva 10% reg, 30% elite 80, 170 0 18, 21 12, 26 1 1.1, 1
Necrophage Necrodrone 30% reg, 60% elite 170, 320 10, 15 18 30, 30 + 16 splash 6 + 70 splash 1.3
Silic Bulldozer 80% reg, 100% elite 380, 480 30, 45 15, 14 68+10, 120+15 2 + 70/140 splash 1.7
Silic Crystal 20% for both 80, 160 0 10, 11 8, 20 1 1.5, 1.3
Silic Supporter 40% reg, 70% elite 300, 410 22, 25 14 25, 40 3 + 70/90 splash 2.5
Silic Zoner 40% reg, 70% elite 300, 440 15, 20 13 20+6, 32+12 5 + 70 splash 1.5
Vultu Looter 100% for both 300, 500 10, 17 0 0 0 0
Vultu Debuffer 50% reg, 80% elite 400, 600 17, 20 16 5 1 3
Vultu Trash 20% reg, 30% elite 80, 170 17, 20 18, 21 4 1 3