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Mobs serve as the main enemy in the game. They can spawn in two different ways: When the player opens a door and they are inside, or after a player opens a door and 'waves' spawn in un-powered rooms. As they enter a powered room with defenses, they may be attacked. However, as defenses are minor modules, the mob cannot be shot by a module in an adjacent room, no matter how close.

Upon death, mobs have a chance of leaving behind dust that may be utilized by the player.

Wave behaviorEdit

The difficulty and chance of a wave or group of waves can be determined by the following:

  • The floor of the Dungeon
  • The number of rooms the player has explored
  • The number of waves that have occurred
  • If the exit has been found or not
  • The chosen spaceship

List of mobs by behaviorEdit

Name Image Type Notes
Chimera Hydra Mob chimera hydra01 Anti-hero Reduces the speed of heroes in the same room. Can attack non-recruited heroes.
Chimera Kamikaze NecroKRun Special Targets the most populated room (within a certain range) and explodes, damaging everything in the room. Deals high damage to heroes.
Chimera Keeper KeeperMetamorph Anti-hero Immobile; deals splash damage to everything in its room.
Increases the Defense and Health Regen of other monsters in the dungeon and decreases the probability to loot Dust from monsters.
Chimera Zombie Mob chimera zombie01 Basic Targets heroes before crystal or modules.
Hurna Hunter Mob hurna hunter01 Anti-hero Can attack non-recruited heroes.
Hurna Rider Mob h rider Special Hurna Riders spawn alone, and target a random unopened door to attack. They will ignore anything in their path (major/minor modules, heroes, and NPCs) and will attack only the door they target, even if a hero is in the room attacking them.

Doors they destroy count as if a hero opened them. 1 turn advances. Resources are gathered. Research continues. New waves of monsters can spawn. They will immediately target another random door and head to attack it.

Hurna Shaman Mob hurna debuffer01 Special Reduces the attack power of heroes in the room
Necrophage Crystophile Mob necrophage crystophile01 Special Only targets the crystal. Speed not reduced by heroes present in the same room.
Necrophage Hunter Mob necrophage hunter01 Anti-hero Can attack non-recruited heroes.
Necrophage Kamikaze Mob necrophage kamikaze01 Special Targets the most populated room (within a certain range) and explodes, damaging everything in the room. Deals high damage to heroes.
Necrophage Larva Mob necrophage necrodrone01 Basic Attacks heroes with large numbers.
Necrophage Necrodrone Mob necrophage flying02 Anti-module Speed not affected by heroes present in same room. Can target major modules and non-recruited heroes. Elites can target artifacts.
Silic Bulldozer Mob silics bulldozer01 Anti-module Only targets major modules, artifacts or the crystal. Deals splash damage.
Silic Crystal Mob silics golem01 Basic Only targets the crystal
Silic Supporter GolemwalkElite Special Adds defense and attack power to monsters in the dungeon. Deals splash damage. Can attack minor modules.
Silic Zoner Mob silic zoner01 Anti-module Can attack minor modules. Deals splash damage to other modules in the room.

List of mob statisticsEdit

This information is the base stats of the monsters. Values will be modified based on what level of the dungeon you are on, what ship type and what difficulty setting you use.

Name Dust loot probability Max Health Defense Attack Power Attack Range Attack Cooldown
Chimera Hydra 50% reg, 80% elite 270, 380 15, 24 44, 80 6 1.1
Chimera Kamikaze 80% reg, 100% elite 350, 470 20, 27 see page see page see page
Chimera Keeper 100% for both see page 20/25 + 5 a lvl see page see page 1
Chimera Zombie 20% reg, 40% elite 110, 220 15, 17 25, 45 1.5 1.3, 1.2
Hurna Hunter 80% reg, 100% elite 340, 500 20, 25 80, 115 2 1.4
Hurna Rider 100% reg, 100% elite 400, 600 26, 30 80, 120 * 1.5 2.3
Hurna Shaman 60% reg, 80% elite 250, 350 10, 15 4 4 3
Necrophage Crystophile 60% reg, 80% elite 330, 440 16, 22 58, 83 1 1.4, 12
Necrophage Hunter 70% reg, 100% elite 310, 410 13, 20 61, 90 1 1.1
Necrophage Kamikaze 40% reg, 70% elite 250, 340 10, 13 see page see page see page
Necrophage Larva 10% reg, 30% elite 80, 170 0 12, 26 1 1.1, 1
Necrophage Necrodrone 30% reg, 60% elite 170, 320 10, 15 see page 6 + splash 1.3
Silic Bulldozer 80% reg, 100% elite 380, 480 30, 45 see page 2 + splash 1.7
Silic Crystal 20% for both 80, 160 0 8, 20 1 1.5, 1.3
Silic Supporter 40% reg, 70% elite 300, 410 22, 25 see page 3 + splash 2.5
Silic Zoner 40% reg, 70% elite 300, 440 15, 20 see page 5 + splash 1.5

The Vultus: Edit

These 3 monsters are quite insignificant damages dealers, but they are gameplay breakers!


They include: The Trash, The Vultu, and The Debuffer.

These monsters are added by the "Organic Matters" update.

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