Modules are small structures that the player can build within powered rooms of the dungeon. These modules are split into two different families, Major Modules and Minor Modules

Major Modules Minor Modules

Major ModulesEdit

Major Modules are structures that may only be built on a major slot. A major slot is a large, central slot shown as a plus sign. Due to the way the room generation works, there are either 0 or 1 of these slots in every room. After a Major Module is built on this slot, it services the entire floor, not just the room it is in. These Modules typically specialize in FoodFood ICON, IndustryIndustry ICON, Dust Dust ICONand ScienceScience ICON(FIDS) output or stat boosts.

The Food, Industry, Science, and Emergency Generator modules have incremental costs, which increase for every major module on the floor. As with minor modules, new types can be researched as the game goes on and most can be improved three times. Heroes with the Operate skill and Mechanical Pals can increase the performance of a major module in the same room.

Minor ModulesEdit

Minor Modules are modules that may only be built on the smaller, minor slots. There are between 0-7 of these in every room. Once built, a minor module will only influence what is going on in the room it is built. These modules have a range of uses, from attacking monsters to healing heroes.

Module damageEdit

While some monsters will ignore modules, Necrophage Necrodrones and Silic Bulldozers can directly target major modules, while Silic Zoners and Silic Supporters can directly target minor modules. Furthermore, monsters that use splash damage will damage modules when attacking.

Each module has its own HP and defense stats, and upgraded modules have better stats. A LAN module increases the defense of all modules on the floor.

Heroes with the Repair skill will automatically heal damaged modules in the room.


  • It takes significantly longer to build Modules while the effects of a door are being resolved. Thus it is optimal to build Modules before/after you open a door, not during.
  • There will not be any major nor minor module slots around the crystal, making it the most vulnerable room in the dungeon. 
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