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Mizi Kurtiz and Other Entity

"While rumor says Mizi is possessed by a demon, the truth is different. In fact, the same physical space is occupied by different entities from two distinct planes of reality. As the planes move closer together or farther apart, one or the other personality becomes dominant. This has made it difficult for her to develop serious long-term relationships. On the plus side, the other entity is an ancient demonic war hero which has helped keep insults to a minimum."


Mizi was designed to not only be capable of standing alone but also to encourage such strategies that utilize a lone hero. This in fact is driven home by her Bad Company skill. Ideally, she should be deployed in a defensive room on her own where she can easily hold the line through her Hellfire skill. Mizi cannot equip a weapon and is limited to 1 armor and 1 device slot, meaning she is very reliant on levels and food to keep her DPS relevant. While her attacks are extremely slow, her attack cooldown gets a significant boost at level 15.


Level Hit Points Defense Speed DPS Attack Power Attack Cooldown Range Wit Skills Cost to Recruit / Level
1 600 18 27 38 60 1.5 Long (4) 1
Bad Company

Bad Company

2 650 20 27 39 63 1.5 Long (4) 1 15
3 700 22 27 41 66 1.5 Long (4) 1
Battle Madness

Battle Madness

4 750 23 27 43 69 1.5 Long (4) 1 35
5 800 25 27 45 72 1.5 Long (4) 1
Danger Junkie

Danger Junkie

6 850 27 27 47 75 1.5 Long (4) 1 59
7 900 28 27 49 78 1.5 Long (4) 1


8 950 30 27 51 81 1.5 Long (4) 1 87
9 1025 35 27 55 88 1.5 Long (4) 1
Battle Madness LVL2

Battle Madness LVL2

10 1100 40 27 59 95 1.5 Long (4) 1 119
11 1175 45 27 68 102 1.5 Long (4) 1
Danger Junkie LVL2

Danger Junkie LVL2

12 1250 50 27 68 109 1.5 Long (4) 1 155
13 1325 55 27 73 116 1.5 Long (4) 1
Hellfire LVL2

Hellfire LVL2

14 1400 60 27 82 123 1.5 Long (4) 1 195
15 1800 75 32 115 150 1.3 Long (6) 1
Battle Madness LVL3

Battle Madness LVL3


Weapon: None



Hero ID: H0017


Mizi is an incredibly powerful chokepoint defender who is designed to fight largely solo. She has some unique attributes that encourage the player to use her differently than most. Notably, Mizi is the only hero with a passive that actively harms the performance of teammates, as Bad Company causes their defense to be lowered by -10% when sharing a room with her. She is definitely intended to be used alone as much as possible, proven from Bad Company and Danger Junkie. She also is perhaps the hero most dependent on frequent leveling to get the most out of her, as she cannot hold a weapon but gains major stat increases on her higher levels. Level 15 in particular gives her massive boosts to all stats - including range and attack cooldown (!) - a feature unique to Mizi. Though her stats are very good, her abilities are where most of her capability comes from. Battle Madness is an extremely powerful and valuable damage boost, but Hellfire is what enables her to hold a chokepoint singlehandedly. Don't be afraid to recharge it with science! Stick Mizi in a defensible room with Dust Field Generators and a Bio-organic Transference and very little will be able to take her down.

Besides the aforementioned minor team sabotage, Mizi is slow in both moving and attacking. She will not be flitting from room to room during engagements and is much stronger where she is able to lock down an area without distractions. Unfortunately, the the nature of the game means the player will not always be able to choose this. She is also almost entirely dependent on leveling to stay relevant - in many games the player cannot afford enough food to get ANY hero up to the highest levels, which unfortunately is where Mizi shines most. Thankfully she levels very cheaply.

Story Events[]

Mizi is involved in the following events:


When found in a dungeon:

  • "Want to hire me on? NO! DO NOT! Yes, of course you should. I SHALL NOT BE HIRED! Shut-up! ... Uh, sorry. Unwanted passenger."
  • "I'm Mizi, a mage and spellcaster. AND I WILL RUIN ALL THOSE WHO DEFY ME! ... No, ignore that. It's the other guy."
  • "Maybe we should join up. It's hard to explain, but you sort of get a two-for-the-price-of-one deal with me..."

When opening a door:

  • "I'm tired of this. THIS IS BATTLE AND GLORY! And I'm tired of you."
  • "Open? NO? Yes. NO! What?"

When repairing modules:

  • "I'M A DESTROYER, NOT A REPAIRMAN! No, you're a nuisance..."

When low on health:

  • "REND MY FLESH; I SHALL NOT WEAKEN! Big words. It's not your flesh!"
  • "Ay! That hurt! SILENCE, WEAK ONE. REVEL IN IT! ...psychopath..."
  • "PAIN MEANS I AM ALIVE! No, it means you're hurt, idiot."

When carrying the crystal:

  • "This thing is heavy - SUCH POWER! - oh, shut up."


Mizi is a member of the Sisters of Mercy, a minor faction in Endless Legend.

Mizi is the result of a series of G2G votes, where the community voted on everything from shape and gender to personality and backstory.