Minor Modules

There are 3 types of minor modules in the dungeon, each with a special task assigned to them. The types vary in effect from helping allies to hurting enemies. Building minor modules requires Industry and a slot in the current room, along with power. Massing minor modules of varying types can create a very powerful room to fall back on, capable of saving heroes or slowing an onslaught of enemies.Earning new minor modules requires either finding blueprints throughout the dungeon or researching new types through Artifacts. They can also be upgraded through Artifacts to make them more powerful.

All minor modules have 15 defense regardless of level. This means a level 4 LAN module will make all minor modules have 45 defense total, effectively 45% extra HP (30% from the LAN).


These modules are designed to aid the heroes by directly affecting them. They act as buffs for heroes or may produce resources, and stack on top of one another.


These modules have one goal: deal damage to any and all enemies foolish enough to walk into the room.


These modules work to hurt enemies in ways other than damage. They act as debuffs for monsters, decreasing their overall performance.

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