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DofE Merchant

Merchants are NPCs that can be randomly found in the dungeon. They buy and sell items. Each merchant will only accept either Food, Industry, Science or Dust as currency. Zooming out and looking at the background color of the merchant's icon tells the player what resource the merchant trades (e.g. green icon = food) Similar to un-recruited heroes, merchants can be attacked and killed by certain monsters.

A merchant will be teleported to a Shop if the player has built one. Only one merchant will be teleported to each shop.


  • It is advisable to hold onto unused items until you find a Merchant that deals in the kind of resource you need (you can carry at most 4 items between floors).
  • Before leaving each floor, make sure to sell off all excess items (i.e items not in the backpack) if a merchant is available.
  • Dust-trading merchants are especially note-worthy. Firstly, in a pinch, selling items to them will allow players to power rooms, which works great to enhance defence, or to recover after the crystal is attacked by monsters. Secondly, since Dust is not transferred between floors, before leaving, players can take chances and power down some rooms and buy as many expensive items from the merchant as possible (note the 4-item limit for the backpack). An alternative is to build a shop as close to the exit as possible so the player can grab the crystal, get everyone to the exit except the "shopper", then buy the needed items and exit the floor.

Wit and the Shop[]

A merchant will give you a certain level of dust production when his Shop is operated, either by a hero, Mechanical Pal, or a combination of both. The amount of dust produced depends on the total wit level: one dust is generated for every ten wit. See the shop for a more detailed explanation and strategy.