Dungeon of the Endless Wiki
Skill p me first

Guarantees that any monster in the room will go for your throat first.

  • (Self) Aggro all monsters (cancels "Skulker" skill)

Items with this skill:

This skill will allow you to manage who gets attacked by monsters, allowing you to specialize your heroes. The most important effect though is that it will force enemies who would normally ignore heroes (to attack modules, the merchant, or go for the crystal) to attack this hero instead. However, it has no practical effect on monsters who attack with area of effect and can be dangerous around suicide monsters. It is usually ideal to equip an item with Me First! on a hero with very high durability (Lady Joleri Tulak, Mizi Kurtiz, etc), though it is possible to instead use an extremely mobile hero like Sara Numas instead if one is very careful and retreats when needed. Often has the side-effect of causing you to use up food for healing at a faster rate, as instead of all your heroes being injured, now a single hero is being injured four times faster. As with all aggro skills, be careful using it around kamikaze enemies as this will cause them to detonate.

The War Cry skill has practically the same effects as Me First!, though only temporarily.