Dungeon of the Endless Wiki
Master Hacker LVL2

When you know how to fix - or break - anything.

  • (Self): Wit +8 / 14 for repairing
  • (Minor Modules in Room) Defense +10 / 15

Heroes with skill:

Items with skill:

While the Repair part of the skill is situational, it can be extremely useful when facing anti-module mobs, especially if combined with Gear Check and/or Bricopedia. The defense boost to minor modules on the other hand is almost always relevant and one of the best ways to defend against the harrowing Silic Zoners. Minor Modules all have 15 defense by default, meaning this skill potentially doubles it, of course being further boosted by LAN Modules. Note that Master Hacker does not actually grant Repair skill, it only enhances the skill if already possessed.