Dungeon of the Endless Wiki
KIP Cannon

Knowledge (In this case, Science) Is Power for this cannon.

(Priority Target: most powerful monster)

KIP Cannons are capable of the highest burst damage of any minor module and as such are able to quickly annihilate individual dangerous enemies (such as Silic Bulldozers) with minimal hassle. Their long cooldown between shots and tendency for multiple KIPs to target the same monster often leads to unnecessary overlap and some mobs potentially breaking through defenses further than Smoking Guns would. In addition, the requirement of hoarding science to power up the KIPs is often less than ideal.

Players start the game with this module unlocked on the Library Pod.


Production price 9 Industry

Level Power Cooldown Power per Science Max Power Max DPS Science to Cap Analyze Cost
1 1 2.5 1 100 40 100 29
2 1 2.5 1.1 130 52 119 29
3 1 2.5 1.2 160 64 134 38
4 1 2.5 1.3 190 76 147 60