Dungeon of the Endless Wiki

Character equipment screen

Items in the game can be looted from chests, found randomly in the dungeon or bought with Food, Industry, Science or Dust from the Merchant. Items are equipped by your heroes and fall into three categories: weapons, armors, and devices. Most heroes can equip one of each item type, but some heroes have equipment profiles in deviation to that trend.

All items can be found and bought in different rarities, which affects the stats of the item. From most common to rarest, items are available in grey, green, blue, and purple rarity.

Any items that are not equipped are held in either the Backpack, which has the capacity to hold four items, or the Inventory, which has unlimited capacity. Any items left in the Inventory will be lost upon exiting the current level.


There are four different types of weapons: Pistols, SMGs, Spears, and Swords - which are applied as an upgrade to the hero's default attack. Weapons are always the leftmost equipment slot, unless the specific hero is unable to equip a weapon. These typically will affect the stats associated to the offensive capabilities of the hero (attack power, cooldown, range) but may also affect the hero's speed, max HP, HP regen, and defense depending on the type of weapon. A few weapons add additional passive skills. Ayairi Whairydd, Golgy Phurtiver, Mizi Kurtiz, Pat Bates, and Zugma Walker cannot equip a weapon.

A list of weapons by type can be found here.


Armor is usually the center equip slot, unless the specific hero is unable to equip armor. Armor will most often affect max HP and defense of the hero, but some armors will also modify HP regen, speed, attack cooldown, and wit. A few armors add additional passive skills. Ayairi Whairydd, Elise Ness, Rosetta Q, and Skroig cannot equip armor.

A list of available armors can be found here.


Devices offer boosts to the various stats of the equipped hero. Many add additional passive skills. The device slot is always the rightmost equipment slot of the hero. All heroes (except Ayairi Whairydd) can equip a device. Elise Ness, Golgy Phurtiver, Rosetta Q, Pat Bates, and Zugma Walker are capable of equipping two.

A list of available devices can be found here.