Dungeon of the Endless Wiki
Iron Fist LVL2

Cold-hearted, but it gets the job done

  • (Heroes in room): Attack Power +4 / 8 for each other hero in the room.

Heroes with ability:

Items with skill:

Though it might not be obvious at a glance, this is actually one of the most powerful and consistent combat boosts in the entire game, as its effects increase exponentially the more heroes group together. At minimum, with two heroes in the room, each gets +4 attack, a total of +8 between them. However, level 2 Iron Fist will give four heroes each +24 attack, a total of +96 - this is a lot. Last Supper, an active skill which does practically the same thing, is very comparable in power to Iron Fist - but Iron Fist is a passive and is always providing its effects. Iron Fist is also unlocked by one of the best spears in the game, giving access to a wide variety of heroes while potentially freeing up a device slot. Overall an extremely powerful skill assuming the player groups all their heroes.