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Mob h rider

As any nomadic society would, the Hurna have domesticated some of Auriga's beasts of the wild. The tribe encountered within the dungeon have brought a number of these with them, using them to open the way for their hunting parties and most likely to carry back out the spoils.

Regular has 20 attack power against doors. Elite has 34 attack power.

Both do 20 damage to themselves per door hit.

Type: Special

Target Priority: Door (Elite: = Lure Minor Module) > Melee Hero = Lure Minor Module = Hero carrying crystal > Long Range Hero > Not Recruited Hero > Crystal

Mob ID: Mob_H_DoorOpener / Mob_H_DoorOpener_Elite


  • The warning sign that shows up over a door merely indicates that it is the current target of a Rider. The actual Rider targeting the door could well be somewhere across the map instead.
  • Each Rider will chose a door to try and attack and make directly for that target. Once the door is destroyed, the Rider will pick a new door and head for that.
  • Hurna Riders and their steeds count as one creature.
  • Attacking a door deals damage to the Rider.