Dungeon of the Endless Wiki

This double image of a hero confuses and infuriates monsters and tax collectors.

Absorbs a certain amount of damage before deactivating.

The Holohero is a very niche module that behaves like a player for the purposes of mob targeting. This allows it to be used as a decoy to redirect certain mobs into traps or to simply delay them. Their high industry cost and low HP makes them difficult to use effectively.

Players start the game with this module unlocked on the Refreezerator Pod. The module tends to see more success on that mode since you are only allowed to use a single hero for the duration of the run.


Production price 14 Industry

Level Health Reactivation Delay Analyze Cost
1 150 HP 9.0 sec 35
2 200 HP 8.5 sec 35
3 250 HP 8.0 sec 46
4 300 HP 7.5 Sec 70