Dungeon of the Endless Wiki
Hellfire LVL2

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  • (Mobs in room): Damage over time -25 / 45 HP/sec
  • (Heroes in room): Damage over time -10 / 15 HP/sec
  • (Self) not affected by any damage over time
    • Duration: 10
    • Cooldown: 3

Heroes with this ability: Mizi Kurtiz

Effectively a more dangerous version of Health Warning, dealing equal or more damage depending on level and lasting slightly longer. Unfortunately, the cooldown is longer than Health Warning. Overall a potent room-wide AoE that easily destroys waves of small mobs. Very useful from keeping numerous enemies from sneaking by Mizi, especially while immobile from Battle Madness. Though it does harm heroes, the actual damage it does is so minimal that it can often be ignored, doing an absolute max of 150 damage (without taking defense into account) - and Mizi tends to fight alone regardless.