Dungeon of the Endless Wiki

A command even monsters obey.

  • (Self) Tames the most powerful monster in the room.
    • Duration: 0.2
    • Cooldown: 3

Heroes with this skill: Sasha Chokyo (lvl 2)

Items with this skill: --

Technically does not tame the most powerful monster, but the 'most threatening' one. For instance, a Hurna Rider will be tamed over a Silic Bulldozer even though the latter is a much more effective unit, because the game deems the Rider as a bigger 'threat'. Taming a monster causes them to instantly swap to friendly and fight on your behalf indefinitely, including to new floors. Monsters will always move at Sasha's current speed regardless of their natural value, and their attack stat is amplified from Attack Dawg. Having the monster engage in combat will cause it to level up (maximum of 3 times) which can be seen under Sasha's health bar, causing it to become more durable. Activating Heel! while already possessing a tamed monster will tame a new monster in the room and delete the (potentially valuable) old one.