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Group Therapy LVL 3

Trust me; I'm a doctor.

  • (Heroes in Room): Pack of Dogs and Got Your Back skill bonuses are applied with any heroes in the room
  • (Heroes in Room): Defense +5 / 10 / 15

Heroes with this skill:

Items with this skill:

Group Therapy's description is a bit confusing. It may seem like it gives heroes the Pack of Dogs and Got Your Back skills concurrently, but what it actually does is allow heroes with either one of those skills to still use their own skill when in the room together even when they normally can't. In other words, a hero with Pack of Dogs can use Pack of Dogs when in a room with a hero without Pack of Dogs, but the first hero wouldn't also gain Got Your Back. This means it also has no benefit for native heroes. The defense addition on the other hand is always welcome and quite a decent boost, applying to everyone.