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Item d grim faery tales green

In fact a complete manual of hacking, DIY, and home chemistry, the cover is merely a disguise.

Improves: Wit

Penalty: ---

Unlocks Skill: Master Hacker

Gives a large boost to wit, making it ideal for operators. It also bestows the legitimately useful skill Master Hacker, which boosts minor module defense and user repair rate. While the repair part of the skill can be situational, it can also be extremely useful when facing anti-module mobs, especially if combined with Gear Check and/or Bricopedia. The defense boost to minor modules on the other hand is almost always relevant and one of the best ways to defend against the harrowing Silic Zoners. Minor Modules all have 15 defense by default, meaning this skill potentially doubles it, of course being further boosted by LAN Modules. For heroes who possess Master Hacker naturally, this item is less helpful, but still worth equipping for the wit boost alone.


Rarity HP Max HP Regen Defense Speed Attack Power Attack Cooldown Attack Range Wit Version
Grey --- --- --- --- --- --- --- +3 1.1.0
Green --- --- --- --- --- --- --- +4 1.1.0
Blue --- --- --- --- --- --- --- +5 1.1.0
Purple --- --- --- --- --- --- --- +6 1.1.0

Merchant Prices[]

Rarity FIS Cost Dust Cost Version
Grey 30 10 1.1.0
Green 42 14 1.1.0
Blue 51 17 1.1.0
Purple 60 20 1.1.0

Modding properties[]

Item ID: Device013

Localization strings:

  • %Item_Device013 (Item name)
  • %Item_Device013_Description (Item flavour text)