Food Module

A Food Module

Food is a very important factor in the game and how it plays out. Food has two functions: healing wounded heroes and leveling them up. Food is given to the player at a base rate of +3 for every door opened, this can be increased by creating a Food Replicator that will up the amount produced. Food can also be acquired by finding a banquet tables in random areas of the dungeon, these usually give between 6-10 Food.

Banquet Table

A Banquet Table that will grant food


Food can be used to heal a hero at a scaling cost in food as the hero gains levels. It is advised, during a fight, that you keep an eye on the top right of the screen where you can press the heal button and keep track of heroes' health.

Leveling upEdit

Leveling up your characters requires a cost in food to be paid. There appears to be different amounts you have to spend on different heroes. The main amounts that are used in the game are 12-20-30-50, 13-21-35-60 going from level one to five. 

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