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This storyline involves Ken Massoqui and Chef Nanor.


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First elevator ride with all participating members[]

  • Ken: Hey you! You worked in the kitchens on the ship?
  • Nanor: I was the chef. I did what I could. It's not like I had gourmet ingredients delivered fresh daily
  • Ken: You useless noodlemaker. You call that stuff food? What you made us eat?
  • Nanor: You had perfect nutritional balance AND artistic presentation. Even if it was only gruel.

Ken bio

  • Ken is involved in the story Flame Wars with Nanor.

Nanor bio

  • Nanor is involved in the story Flame Wars with Ken.

Second elevator ride[]

  • Ken: I'm not letting you off the hook so easy, jabroni. You had no spices! No flavor!
  • Nanor: You know nothing. I had salt, pepper, cunim, maice, nouyoura, sypracee, ...
  • Ken: Bland bland bland! I'm talking capsicum, you crab. REAL flavor. Flavor that hurts...
  • Nanor: Well, I brought some hellbañero chilis on board - just one seasoned the entire ship's dinner.

Third elevator ride[]

  • Ken: You had hellbañeros on board? Gimme one! No... three!
  • Nanor: What? That'll remove the skin from your mouth and put holes in your tongue.
  • Ken: Stop teasing me you bastard! I never felt a hint of pain during your meals. Never.
  • Nanor: They use those to clean gun barrels. But I'm ready to up the ante if you are.

Fourth elevator ride[]

  • Nanor: I smuggled some hellbañeros off the ship...
  • Ken: Gimme gimme gimme AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!
  • Nanor: Hmm.. I guess they've lost some of their punch. But who cares? I'm using them!

Ken bio

  • If no pain, no gain, then pain, gain...

Nanor bio

  • Shamed by past failures, Nanor is ready to use foodstuffs in every more aggressive ways, hoping to improve his personal stature.

Ken passive skill: Feral

  • Over-excited, (or enraged) by the outcome of their story, the hero turns both dangerous and reckless.
  • Defense -4%, Attack Power +8%

Nanor passive skill: Amused

  • Pleased with both their actions and the outcome of their story, the hero stops to chuckle a bit too often.
  • Speed -5%, Health Regen +7 in powered rooms