Dungeon of the Endless Wiki

FIDS is an acronym for the 4 resources found in Dungeon of the Endless:

FoodFood ICON, which is used to heal, level up and recruit heroes.

IndustryIndustry ICON, which is used for creating modules.

Dust Dust ICON, which increases the crystal's maximum power which is used to light rooms and power modules.

ScienceScience ICON, which is used to research new modules, upgrade existing ones, as well as to reset character abilities in combat.

Most of these can be produced by major modules, and all of them are vital to your survival in the dungeon. For example, having more dust leads to a higher energy capacity, which increases the crystal's health, while industry allows the construction of major modules, which increase FIDS production.


Screenshot (3)

Finding food in a room of the dungeon.

There are several different ways to procure FIDS in the game:

  • Major Modules - The amount of FIDS acquired from these is directly correlated to the amount of the appropriate modules you have, and the wit of the hero(s) you assign to said modules
  • Exploration - Upon opening doors, you may be rewarded with some Food, Industry, Dust, or Science in slightly varying amounts.
  • Mob Kills - Killing mobs may earn the player dust, industry or food.
  • NPCs - Trading items to merchants will give the player more of the resource the merchant deals in.