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Dust Cells LVL2

Specialized batteries repair and recharge armor in the presence of active Dust.

  • (Self) Health Regen +3 / 5 in powered rooms
  • (Self) Defense +7 / 12 in powered rooms
  • (Self) Heal cost: +15% / 10% more food

Health Regeneration is replaced by an equivalent defense value in the Infirmary Pod.

Heroes with this skill: 

Items with this skill: --

Somewhat compensates for Elise's inability to equip armor. Elise has the highest base defense value in the game at high levels even without Dust Cells, and this serves to boost the value even higher. Lacking armor still is detrimental, but Elise is able to equip two devices to give improved flexibility instead, and her immense damage potential from Shrapnellizer means she generally needs to take less damage than some other tanks.