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Dust Box

A smuggler's best friend.

Improves: Defense

Penalty: --

Unlocks Skill: Secret Compartment

Gives a decent defense boost on its own, but equipped primarily for the astoundingly useful Secret Compartment skill. This skill is extraordinarily useful in the endgame as it allows you to light an extra room or two from the spawn, vastly improving your chances on difficult floors. Be aware that leaving a floor without a pool of 100 or more Dust means Secret Compartment won't give you the maximum amount to the next floor. Though the Dust Box is a decent device on its own, it is often recommended to equip more useful items and switch to the Dust Box before leaving. Like most items with skills, the effects stack with multiple items of the same type but not on the same hero. Don't put a Dust Box on Zugma and waste it!


Rarity Max HP Hp Regen Defense Speed Attack




Grey -- -- +8 -- -- -- --
Green -- -- +10 -- -- -- --
Blue -- -- +12 -- -- -- --
Purple -- -- +16 -- -- -- --

The above table is accurate, as of update [1.1.5]

Merchant Prices[]

Rarity FIS Cost Dust Cost Version
Grey 90 30 1.1.5
Green 114 38 1.1.5
Blue 135 45 1.1.5
Purple 156 55 1.1.5