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This storyline involves Rakya Pulmoni and Elise Ness.


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First elevator ride with all participating members[]

  • Rakya: I know that suit. (Gaaack...) You got the credit for bracing me.
  • Elise: Yup! Broke the biggest hacking ring in the Zarmas system. Heroically!
  • Rakya: You *cough* had *cough* help *cough*. That merc did it, not you.
  • Elise: How do you think she knew where to go, and when? Ha!

Rakya bio

  • Rakya is involved in the story Downfall with Elise.

Elise bio

  • Elise is involved in the story Downfall with Rakya.

Second elevator ride[]

  • Rakya: So why didn't you bust me yourself? Not smart enough-huf-huf-HUFF?
  • Elise: Hacking isn't my specialty. I'm better at blowing things up.
  • Elise: Or maybe I'm smart enough to know when I'm not smart enough.
  • Rakya: Whaddaya know. An almost smart cop. (urk!)

Third elevator ride[]

  • Elise: Besides, you had to go down, Rakk. You were too big for the system.
  • Rakya: It was a small system. Heh heh-haaaack!
  • Elise: Yeah, but it was my system, and you were messing with my paycheck!
  • Rakya: You wouldn't believe what I found in those computers. Heh heh (huuuuurk).

Fourth elevator ride[]

  • Rakya: Wanna know why you're stuck huck-uck-uck...uh. Here? I saw the logs.
  • Rakya: A guy named Ka-kack-hack-apsi got tired of paying for all the stuff you kept blowing up!
  • Elise: Sonofa... Commander Kapsi! That cheap bastard. Never did like my expense reports.
  • Elise: Tell you what, Rakk. We get out of here, we'll get Kapsi's payroll together.

Rakya bio

  • Rakya retains few secrets now that she has been arrested and publicly tried. She maintains, however, her independence, hacking skills, and chronic lung deterioration.

Elise bio

  • Elise was primarily known for her contempt for doorknobs and hinges. Eager and aggressive, it is rumored that her place on the ship was organized by higher level officers tired of paying repair bills.

Rakya & Elise both get passive skill: Stimulated

  • Committed to Getting the Heck Out by the outcome of their story, the hero focuses on the job at hand.
  • Speed +5%, defense +8%