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"Dell is a misplaced transdimensional copy of a non-existent being from a pseudo-reality. Fortunately he is also a skilled engineer with at least eleven hard science PhDs so minor questions concerning the nature of reality don't bother him much."


Dell Bradford is a module support hero and a expert in repairing module's while under fire. Gear Check causes him and anyone else with the Repair skill to focus on repairing instead of fighting. By using Crawler, he can avoid taking damage for a short time, which is important because his defense and HP are almost as low as Golgy's. In addition, Scamper allows him to make a retreat if overwhelmed or needed somewhere else. His unique Quality Design skill helps keep modules in the current room functioning long enough for him to repair them.


Level Hit Points Defense Speed DPS Attack Power Attack Cooldown Range Wit Skills Cost to Recruit / Level
1 480 22 32 16 21 1.3 Melee (1.5) 11
Pack of Dogs

Pack of Dogs



2 524 23 32 17 22 1.3 Melee (1.5) 11
Gear Check

Gear Check

3 570 25 32 18 24 1.3 Melee (1.5) 11


4 618 26 32 19 25 1.3 Melee (1.5) 11


5 668 27 32 21 27 1.3 Melee (1.5) 12


6 720 29 33 22 28 1.3 Melee (1.5) 12 73
7 774 30 33 23 30 1.3 Melee (1.5) 12
Quality Design

Quality Design

8 830 32 33 24 31 1.3 Melee (1.5) 12 103
9 888 33 33 25 33 1.3 Melee (1.5) 13
Master Hacker

Master Hacker

10 948 35 33 26 34 1.3 Melee (1.5) 13 137
11 1010 35 34 28 36 1.3 Melee (1.5) 13
Quality Design LVL2

Quality Design LVL2

12 1074 35 34 28 37 1.3 Melee (1.5) 13 175
13 1140 35 34 30 39 1.3 Melee (1.5) 14
Master Hacker LVL2

Master Hacker LVL2

14 1208 35 34 31 40 1.3 Melee (1.5) 14 217
15 1278 35 34 32 42 1.3 Melee (1.5) 14
Crawler LVL2

Crawler LVL2


The above table is accurate, as of update [1.1.0]

Weapon: Spear



Hero ID: H0021


Dell is a primary operator with extremely high wit who can be considered a defensive counterpart to Rakya. He is one of the best heroes in the game for combating the feared Silic Zoners, Bulldozers, and other anti-module terrors thanks to his ability to rapidly Repair under fire due to Gear Check. Dell's entire kit revolves around this ability, and it can be a blessing and a curse. On the positive, it allows him to repair modules that would have no chance of surviving under the watch of any other hero. Master Hacker and items such as a Fred's Fixer can potentially allow him to repair even through substantial incoming damage. His actives Crawler and Quality Design also compliment Gear Check by allowing him and his modules to survive even more damage for a limited time. Special care is required to maximize the efficiency of his actives, as both of their durations are quite short in battle. Dell is the best hero at saving modules, and saved modules are saved industry that you can spend on other things.

The weakness of Gear Check is the weakness of Dell as a whole - his damage capability is terrible, and Gear Check causes it to be reduced to zero while Dell focuses on repairing. Killing the enemy faster instead of repairing may often be a better solution, and Dell offers no bonuses to offense whatsoever. Particularly dangerous is that Gear Check forces all heroes in the room with the repair skill to stop shooting and repair instead - you do not want Ken trying to slowly repair with his 3 wit when he could be killing a wave! Special care needs to be taken when considering who is in the room with Dell.

Story Events[]

Dell is involved in the following events:


When found in a dungeon:

  • "You see monsters; I see problems looking for solution."
  • "This place is in bad shape. Might even run out of wrenches."
  • "I gotta admit, this place is even weirder than Austin."

When opening a door:

  • "Whatever's on the other side is about to become allergic to wrenches."
  • "Y'all ready to make some bacon?"

When repairing a module:

  • "I like to fix things, too.”
  • “Heck, I only needed ten PhD’s to fix this one.”
  • “Just a couple more whacks…"
  • "Sometimes you gotta use more wrench instead."

When low on health:

  • "Ouch! Didn't see that coming. Spy...?"
  • "Just cause I can take it like a man don't mean I like to..."

When carrying the crystal:

  • "A poor use of skilled resources, partner."


The real name of the Engineer is actually Dell Conagher, as revealed in the Team Fortress comic Loose Cannon.