Dungeon of the Endless Wiki
Defender of the Past LVL3

Boosted by the presence of a precious artifact.

  • (Self) Attack power +10 / 15 / 24 if an artifact is active in floor (Research in progress)
  • (Self) Speed +7 / 10 / 13 if an artifact is active in floor (Research in progress)

Heroes with skill:

Provides a valuable speed and damage boost, though the effects are quite inconsistent due to requiring an Artifact, enough Science, and an opportunity to use both. Unfortunately because of this the skill tends to be an incidental bonus instead of a core facet of the hero. Regardless, a damage boost is never useless, and the speed boost legitimately helps the mediocre speeds of Kreyang and Esseb. Note that having multiple artifacts active at once will not stack this skill's effects.

Also, when you've researched all tech, this skill will be practically useless. So, be cautious using a hero with this skill when you're playing the Drill Pod or other pods that limit available tech.