Skill a crawler

Scuttling level: Legendary


(Self) Not noticed by monsters (except with a Crystal)

(Self) Speed +8 (Only for Crawler 2)

Duration: 10 seconds

Cooldown: 2 doors

Heroes with skill: Dell Bradford (lvl 3/15), Golgy Phurtiver (lvl 7/13), and Sasha Chokyo (lvl 7)


Golgy escaping with the use of the Crawler skill.

If a hero uses Crawler, enemies will no longer be able to target them, though enemies already targeting the hero may continue attacking them. That is until they leave the room.

While under the effect of Crawler, a hero can attack enemies freely, without fear of retaliation. This allows the hero to harass waves of incomming monsters before they reach the player's perimeter.

This skill also makes mad dashes to save a remote merchant slightly more manageable.

It can also be useful to snipe Riders and Keepers far away from the front lines (the Keeper will still attack the hero however).

Modding propertiesEdit

Item ID: Skill_A0015

Localization strings:

  • %Skill_A0015 (Item name)
  • %Skill_A0015_Description (Item flavour text)