Dungeon of the Endless Wiki

Target priority: basic monsters

Claymoars have a bit of a niche among the AoE modules, somewhat filling a role between Seblasters and Tear Gas. Compared to Seblasters, they do comparable damage, but have a much smaller blast area and have projectiles with travel time. The main advantages Claymoars have is they are safe to use in rooms with your heroes, whereas Seblasters are not. They also do burst damage, enabling them to potentially kill mobs faster than Tear Gas. Claymoars tend to be better when used in quantity.


Production price 11 Industry

Level Power Cooldown Zone Damage Radius Zone Damage Power Analyze Cost
1 5 2 35 15 35
2 5 2 35 17 35
3 5 2 35 19 46
4 5 2 40 22 70