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This storyline involves Sara Numas and Gork "Butcher" Koroser.


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First elevator ride with all participating heroes[]

  • Sara: Hey, "Butcher." Nice nickname.
  • Gork: Not name. Way of life. Heh heh...
  • Sara: Cute. Your last name wouldn't be "Koroser", would it?
  • Gork: Stop talking. Noisy person. Monsters to kill! Let's go!

Sara bio

  • Sara is involved in the story Clash of Heroes with Gork.

Gork bio

  • Gork is involved in the story Clash of Heroes with Sara.

Second elevator ride[]

  • Sara: I know where I've seen you. You were on Kaytuël, weren't you.
  • Gork: Kaytuël! Good fun. Lots of yelling. Chainsaws! Mmmmmm.
  • Sara: Yeah. I see. Kaytuël...

Third elevator ride[]

  • Gork: Hey whiny person. Why you care about Kaytuël?
  • Sara: I had family there.
  • Gork: I guess they were unlucky. Heh heh.
  • Sara: Funny. Maybe you'll be unlucky, too. Very soon.

Sara bio

  • Known as a dangerous and reliable mercenary, Sara is in fact the sole survivor of a murderous pirate raid on her home planet, Kaytuël. Her lifetime nemesis and perpetrator of the raid was the leader of the pirates, who she only knew by his nickname: Butcher.

Fourth elevator ride[]

  • Gork: Hey! You should be running away screaming if you saw Gork on Kaytuël.
  • Sara: I do a lot of things. But running away and screaming aren't on the list.

Fifth elevator ride[]

  • Sara: You're alive until we reach the exit. Not a step further.
  • Gork: Hah! Gork will have fun on Auriga like he did on Kaytuël!
  • Sara: I can be a patient person. But you're pushing it!

Sixth elevator ride[]

  • Sara: If I didn't need you to get out, we could settle this quick.
  • Gork: Heh. Or slow, like we did on Kaytuël.
  • Sara: Okay, that was it. YOU DIE NOW!
  • Gork: Heh heh. Choice is not yours!

Sara bio

  • Having discovered that her lifelong enemy is none other than Gork, she is torn between wanting to exit the dungeon and wanting to spill his blood. But she is very happy that they have finally come face to face...

Gork bio

  • Gork has no secrets. Gork is Gork!

Whoever survived the story's outcome will gain passive skill: Feral

  • Over-excited, (or enraged) by the outcome of their story, the hero turns both dangerous and reckless.
  • Defense -4%, Attack Power +8%


  • In the game files, this story event is called Hot Vengance