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It is not clear what species was experimented on to create this creature. The bulk could suggest an Urces ancestry; the horns a Gauran one. Whatever the creature once was, nothing will explain the spontaneous combustion: how or why the creature blows up is a mystery. But when it does, the consequences are deadly.

Type: Special

Target Priority: Most populated room (within a certain range)

Mob ID: Mob_C_Kamikaze / Mob_C_Kamikaze_Elite

Note: * When a Kamikaze blows, it will deal massive damage to heroes, significant damage to modules and npcs, and only slight damage to other monsters in the room.

Their attack center seems to be based not on their own location, but on that of their target.

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Type Max Health Defense Move Speed Zone Attack Power on Heroes Zone Attack Power on Modules Zone Attack Power on NPCs Zone Attack Power on Mobs Zone Attack Radius Destruct Delay Min Destruct Delay Max
Regular 350 20 13 280 70 100 35 140 1.5 3
Elite 470 27 15 350 100 150 60 150 1 2.5