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This storyline involves Skroig and Golgy Phurtiver.


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First elevator ride with all participating heroes[]

  • Golgy: Mmmmm... You're a big one. Look tasty...
  • Skroig: Might I return the compliment? You look delectable, my dear.
  • Golgy: What?! You eat people? That's sick.

Skroig bio

  • Skroig is involved in the story Bug vs. Bugeater with Golgy.

Golgy bio

  • Golgy is involved in the story Bug vs. Bugeater with Skroig.

Second elevator ride[]

  • Skroig: 'Tis a matter of perspective, no? Who eats whom?
  • Golgy: Still seems weird. Eating people.
  • Skroig: Yet all's fair in love and war, as they say. And we love you as the spoils of war.
  • Golgy: Never heard that one. You almost make it sound nice...

Third elevator ride[]

  • Golgy: Though I gotta say, those limbs you got look nice 'n crunchy.
  • Skroig: You may find the steel that bars your way somewhat less palatable.
  • Golgy: Yeah, I'm no idiot. But I can truss and trim you before you could say "Egad!"
  • Skroig: Ha ha ha! I almost regret how much I'll enjoy broiling you slowly with carrots.

Fourth elevator ride[]

  • Golgy: Okay; Skroig, here's the deal. We both wanna get outta here, yeah.
  • Skroig: Imperatively, tender one.
  • Golgy: And the sooner we do it, the sooner we find out who's the meal, and who's the chef.
  • Skroig: Excellent. Let us depart this oubliette with alacrity, then see who's for dinner!

Skroig bio

  • To victor go the spoils... *Belch*.

Golgy bio

  • It is true that Golgy is a great connoisseur of six-legged dining. Her arrangement with Skroig, however bizarre, at least shows her ability for self-control.

Golgy & Skroig passive skill: Stimulated

  • Committed to Getting the Heck Out by the outcome of their story, the hero focuses on the job at hand.
  • Speed +5%, defense +8%