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Minor biomass can

“Anything goes in, Food comes out. It’s best not to ask how…”

Gives Food for every number of monsters killed in the room (divided by the number of players).

Though situational, the Biomass Cannery can be incredibly strong under the right circumstances. They are particularly good when facing huge waves of small enemies (such as Silic Crystals) where you can funnel them through a single room. At high module levels, the Cannery can outpace an operated food module in yield, though the food module is far more reliable overall. Canneries are much less useful at low levels where it is harder to break even on industry cost. It is recommended to reach level III-IV on the Cannery before using them judiciously, similar to Mechanical Pals.

Canneries primarily are useful if the player has an excess of industry, which is often a good idea anyway - industry converts into other resources easier than science or food can. They are particularly ideal on the Armory Pod, where heroes are stronger and offensive minor modules are disabled (resulting in more available floor slots), and where heroes benefit from extra food more than any other pod.

Build cost: 12 Industry


Level x Food per x monsters Analyze Cost
1 +1 Food every 6 monsters killed 35
2 +1 Food every 5 monsters killed 35
3 +2 Food every 5 monsters killed 46
4 +2 Food every 4 monsters killed 70


Added by The “Organic Matters” free update. Steam users, to get the update go to this steam store page.