Dungeon of the Endless Wiki

Dungeon of the Endless is a video game that is worthy of a guide for beginners, since the tutorial doesn't explain much all that well.

The Beginning[]

After the intro you're going to find your screen on a crashed spaceship with two random heroes . From this spaceship there is one door you have to open. You will notice there is a crystal in the room and if you want to carry on living, do not pick up the crystal. Open the door. Once opened you will notice your industry and food go up by 3. Once in this room chances are there will be a node which looks like a plus. Make sure you use your dust and power the room (middle mouse button), then build a module. Since the cost of building more major module rises each time you build one, it may be a good idea to build an Industry Module on the slot. This will help the player beat the cost curve and not be industry-starved.

Pretty Helpful Stuff[]

  • You will probably lose on your first few tries.
  • You don't have to open every door.
  • There is a pause button (default spacebar). Use it.
  • When heroes and modules reach critically low health, they make distinctive noises, this is a good time to pause and heal or use abilities.
  • Building an emergency generator or a shop (when you find a merchant) is a good way to scrounge for dust when it is scarce. For either of these to work, they must be operated, preferably by a mechanical pal so you can put your heroes to better uses.
    Screenshot (4)

    This is you on your first try

  • Powering rooms is a good idea, even if you won't build modules in those rooms.
    • This is because monsters have a chance of spawning in unpowered rooms every time a new door is opened.
    • Leaving smaller rooms unpowered, early on in a level, near a defensible position can be a good way to get more dust early.
    • Unpowered rooms spawn mobs proportionate to their size - larger rooms spawn more and more powerful monsters.
  • Don't pick up the crystal until you see the exit.
  • Take care of your heroes. If they all die, the game ends.
    • An easy method of doing this is healing heroes. This can be done by clicking the 'Heal' button under their portrait, or by pressing H. Both methods will consume food.
  • You should find better equipment. If you don't, you will probably die.
    • If you're on the 2nd floor and you still haven't found any equipment, you will probably need to buy some from a merchant. Be careful, however, to not waste too many resources on merchants, especially food, which when depleted could mean your heroes' deaths.
      • Dont have equipment?  Build turrets and modules to help your heroes survive.  Even a couple prisoner prods can make the fight easier.